Miriam & Albert | Liberty Station | San Diego, CA

Miriam, and I went to high school together. So, I was super excited that she messaged me to shoot their wedding. I was excited because although Miriam and I attended the same high school we didn't really talk. We have mutual friends, and knew of each other but never really hung out or spoke. I have to admit, not knowing much about her, I was kinda surprised she contacted me. I took it as an opportunity to learn more about her, and her now husband Albert. The engagement session took place over a year ago, and it was my first time seeing Albert & Miriam interact. I knew immediately that the photos were going to be amazing. The way Albert looked at Miriam, and how she would smiled with her eyes at him, was so beautiful.

Fast forward to their wedding, that took place at the beautiful Liberty Station in San Diego, CA. Rain was supposed to join us that day, however, Miriam put her foot down and Mother Nature couldn't stand a chance. So we got sunshine, and amazing light all day! Their wedding was so beautiful, all the details, and especially the colors that were chosen couldn't of been more perfect.

Miriam and Albert shared their union with their friends and family. We laughed so much that day, as you can see their Bridal party was a great group. This is definitely a new favorite wedding for us, and so excited to share some of our favorite moments of Miriam and Albert's wedding!! And another added bonus, the hubby joined me this day. So it was just a win win day!!

Miriam and Albert, THANK YOU again for allowing Amarilis Photography and Film to capture such an important day in your life. We are so honored that you chose us. You make a great couple, and we loved spending the day with you, your family, and your friends! The hubs and I wish you all the best in your new marriage, and only wish the best for you guys. Welcome to married life:)

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