Hola, I am Amarilis (aka Amy)

Lead Photographer/Designer/Editor


Who am I?  Man, I am the weirdest, fiery, latin nerd you will ever meet.  I am a proud wife to a veteran, a mother of two beautiful, sassy girls, and my big fur baby Jax.  Borned Cali girl, but have lived in Arizona, Chicago, Florida, and now Seattle (Pacific North West).  I am kinda like a gypsy, I love exploring, and love meeting new people.  I am a complete extrovert, and very few things scare me.   


I have always had a passion for photography.  I was that person always with a camera, and taking pictures of everything.  I didn't know my love for LOVE was so deep though until I shot my first wedding in 2012.  I knew then that I wasn't only driven by art, but by human connection.  Connections between two people.  Seeing others in love, makes me vulnerable.  So yes, I might cry, I might be super excited, but one thing for sure..I will be there so excited for you and will give you 100% of me every single step of the way.  I am a planner by nature, a perfectionist, and a damn hard worker.  


I am NOT just your photographer.  I invest my heart in you, and live to capture your story, and to freeze that moment for you.  When you look back on your photos/video, I want you to relive those raw, real moments we captured together.